To colour or not to colour?

It’s always interesting coming to the editing process with photographs… in fact in many ways it’s my favourite part (except for the fact I enjoy meeting and working with new people so much). But did you know that for every hour spent taking photographs, the photographer will most likely spent two to three times as long editing them? Sometimes longer. And not editing that makes you look less like yourself, but adjustments and enhancements that really help bring out the best in each image. For me, it can feel like an age old question when it comes to choosing whether an image looks better in colour or black and white. Sometimes you can look at a photograph and just know what will work, and sometimes you consciously shoot with a black and white finished image in mind. In other cases, you get photographs that can work equally well in colour or black and white. I often love both versions… as was the case with the following lovely family! Here are just a few examples of what I am talking about. Do you have a preference for colour or B&W? I would love to know why… leave me a comment below if you like. :o)

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