Butterfly by Night

I think maybe one of the most rewarding aspects of learning more about your craft is probably being set tasks that push your creative and technical boundaries. It’s always a bit scary stepping outside the comfort zone, but then the results can be very rewarding. I hope you get as much out of seeing my butterfly take flight at night, as I have learned through the process of capturing this image…


One for the wall

So I was inspired after revisiting my earlier macro work… My little girl has a love of seeded dandelion heads. Ever since she was old enough to toddle around outside she has been fascinated by the shape, colour and delicacy of them (even though they often meet with less than delicate handling). She has named them her ‘Sparkles’. I love that. It’s what I call them now too. And it reminds me of why I love to photograph. Like looking through the eyes of a toddler… when you look close enough, or in a different light, or at a different angle, almost everything becomes beautiful.

Sparkle for blog

P.S. Yes, I believe we really will be putting this one on the wall. :o)